Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

I received the following photos from Peggy (Clapperton) Shoff in June 2010.  Her email address is

In January 1950 the Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners for Registration of Nurses, Bureau of Professional Licensing, had fully approved the program of the State Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Cresson for the education of licensed practical nurses (LPN's).  The year's curriculum included 36 weeks of special services and 256 hours of class work extending to all the fields of nursing.  Students lived in the Sanatorium's new Nurses' Home.
Peggy (Clapperton) Shoff was a student LPN at the Cresson TB Sanatorium who entered the program in 1950 and graduated in September of 1951.  She stayed on to work at the san for 5 years between 1950 to 1955.  She worked primarily in the V&W men's ward and the Surgical Unit.  Below are photos of Peggy's graduating class and of her working in the san.
1.  Official photo of the 1951 graduating nurses class appearing in the Altoona Mirror.
3.  Back Row L to R:  Bessie Shaw, Vada Boslow, Jean Starrett, Betty Blazak, Dorothy Wassam, Peggy Clapperton, Tilly Biaconi and Unknown.
Front Row:  Clair McNalley, Dorothy Lynch
5.  Back Row L to R:  Clair McNalley, Betty Lockenbaugh, Betty Blazak, Dorothy Wassam
Front Row:  Bessie Shaw, Vada Boslow, Peggy Clapperton
The photo was taken in front of the Laundry Building.  The students lived upstairs.
7.  Peggy worked in the West Wing and the Surgical Unit.  She is shown here with surgery patient Ted Migut.  A surgeon is standing in the background.  Ted was an avid photographer and took photos all the time. 
2.  Graduation ceremony write-up which appeared in the Johnstown Tribune.
4.  Back Row L to R:  Ivy Alloway, Betty Blazak, Clair McNalley, Margaret Claar
Front Row:  Peggy Clapperton, Dorothy Wassam
The photo was taken in front of Unit 3.
6.  Peggy getting meds ready to distibute to the patients.
8.  Ted Migut had cameras set-up to take photos whenever someone came into his room.  Here's one he took of Peggy.