Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

Update Log

11-16-18       Added (4) 1942 issues of Spunk Magazine in "Preventorium" page.
11-13-18      Added Katie Young emails to "Emails 14" page.
3-4-18          Added obituary to #17 Peggy Shoff "Personal Stories" page.
2-24-18        Added #66 Anna Jean Appley's story to "Personal Stories" page.
2-8-18          Added 1938-1941 Cresson San movie to "Links" page.
12-2-17        Added postcard #37 to "History 6, Buildings 2" Page.
10-24-17      Added Note and Bible Photo to #63 Florence Copenhaver  "Personal Stories" page.
10-11-17      Added #65 Jane Palombine's story to "Personal Stories" page.
9-16-17        Added 'San Website Preservation' page.
6-19-17        Updated link to san video on "Page 1 Media Coverage".
4-15-17        Added 4 Wards At Cresson articles to Pages 4,5,5 &7 to #26" San  History" page.
3-31-17        Added Kate Bayer's email to "Emails 14" page.
11-23-16      Added # 63 Nathal Brown's story to "Personal Stories" page. 
10-22-16      Added photos 7 & 9 to #63 Copenhaver "Personal Stories" page.
9-3-16          Added photo #14G to "San History 6" page.
8-19-16        Added #26 Kuhn Architectural Drawings to (San History) page.
8-16-16        Added Mark O'Neills email to "Emails 14" page.
8-9-16          Added Ken Tompkins email to "Emails 14" page.
7-8-16          Added Gary Goody email to "Emails 13" page.
6-3-16          Added photos of Eddie Naperkoski to "#18 Personal Stories" page.
5-13-16        Added #64 Emma Caseman story to "Personal Stories" page.
5-10-16        Added items 1A to 1G to "Cresson Record" page.
5-6-16          Added #63 Florence Copenhaver story to "Personal Stories" page.
4-11-16        Added 25 Articles to "San History" page.
2-21-16        Added award photo for WPSU 1st Place San Radio Program
2-17-16        Added #62 Mary Petro story to "Personal Stories"  page. 
2-11-16        Added 2 references to Monaca San to "Personal Stories 44" page.
1-22-16        Added Tom Shelnick photo to "Emails 1" page.

12-10-15      Added #61 Philip Owen to "Personal Stories" page.
12-5-15        Added #60 Leona Irene Kinley to "Personal Stories" page.
11-18-15      Added #59 Eleanor Evans to "Personal Stories" page.
11-9-15        Added postcard #5.2 & 6.2 to "History 6" page.
9-30-15         Added #58 Cliff Gailey to "Personal Stories" page.
9-22-15        Added Dr. Dixon 1914 Report to "History 24" page.
9-14-15        Added Marianne Salamon Dove email to "Email 13" page.
9-13-15        Added copy of Spunk Magazine to "Preventorium" page.
8-1-15          Added #7.5 to photos of "history 6" page.
7-20-15        Added Jessica Schneider's email to "Email 13" page.
5-27-15       Added C. N. Richey Album to "Personal Stories" page. 
5-10-15       Added DVD video info to "San Historical Marker" page.
5-7-15         Added #13.5 & #14.5 photos to "History 6" page.
4-13-15       Added Link to Hogue obituary on "Pa Archives 3" page.
4-6-15         Added Wedding Story to "37 Betty (Taylor) Sandberg" page.
3-25-15       Add George H White to "Personal Stories" page.
3-2-15         Added Brian Madison email to "Email 13" page.
2-16-15       Added Becka Cameron's email to "Email 13" page.
10-16-14     Updated "Preservation Pennsylvania" award write-up. 
10-13-14     Added Newspaper 56 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
10-11-14     Added Cheri McPherson email to "Email 12" page.
9-10-14       Added Donna Fox email to "Email 12" page.
8-27-14       Added Award Letter to "Preservation Pennsylvania" page.

8-26-14       Added Noreen Kromm email to "Email 12" page.
8-20-14       Added "Preservation Pennsylvania" notice and page.
8-18-14       Added Film Daily Item to "History Page 18"
7-23-14       Updated "Medical Records" page.
7-22-14       Added Lori Bell-Santek email to "Email 12" page.
7-12-14       Added Diana Haines email to "Email 11" page.
7-5-14         Added Photos 4 thru 8 to Loretta Obusek "Personal Story" page.
6-24-14      Added Postcard #35 to "Buildings 2" page.
6-3-14        Added "San Preservation" page.
5-31-14      Added McDonnell update email to "Betty Boyle" story page.
5-22-14      Added "Site Map" page.
5-21-14      Added Newspaper 55 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
5-3-14        Added Newspaper 54 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
4-19-14      Added American Lung Assoc. & Quit Smoking Community to "Links" page.
4-3-14        Added Newspaper 53 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
3-28-14      Added additional san videos to "Page 1 Media Coverage" page.
3-26-14      Added postcards #6.7 & 11.5 to "Buildings 1" page.
3-26-14      Added List of Contributors to "2011 Reunion Review" page.
3-25-14     Added san marker ceremony invitation to "Home " page.
3-5-14       Added Nowicki's Writings to "Personal Stories" page. 
2-26-14     Updated list of marker contributors.
2-24-14     Added "San Historical Marker" page.
1-11-14     Added postcards 5.5, 6.5, 14E, 14F to "San Postcards" page.
1-10-14     Added photos of Grace Chapel Tour to "2013 100th Anniversary" page.

12-24-13    Added build write-up to "Building The Grace Chapel Model" page.
12-18-13    Added postcards # 19.5 & 20.7 to "Buildings 2" page.
12-10-13    Added Cresson San cards to "2013 Memorabilia Photos" page. 
12-9-13     Added Vallie Mellinger's Death Certificate to her "Personal Stories" page.
12-3-13     Added Grace Chapel Model Build Photos to "2013 San 100th Anniversary Review".
11-12-13   Added Elizabeth (Betty) Boyle's story to "Personal Stories" page.
11-2-13     Added Diana White's email to "Email 11" page.
10-26-13   Added Newspaper Article 52.
10-25-13   Added Newspaper Article 51.
10-25-13  Added Dolores (Dee) Lillian Edelman story & photos to "Personal Stories" page.
9-16-14    Added Marker donation announcement.
9-14-13    Added Newspaper Article 50.
9-3-13      Added Newspaper Article 49.
9-27-13     Inserted Newspaper Articles 45 and 46.
9-25-13    Added 2013 100th Anniversary Review page.
9-23-13    Added Pat Lynch's story & photos to "Personal Stories" page.
9-15-13    Added Ron Meeker's story to "Personal Stories" page.

9-9-13         Added Sally Huntley email to "Email 11" page.
8-30-13      Added Peg Gormick email to "Email 10" page.
8-27-13      Added Virginia (Hoover) Yeckley story to "Personal Stories" page
8-24-13      Added
Mildred Zoldak Shermenti story to "Personal Stories" page.
8-23-13      Added Tamela Shipley email to "Email 10" page.
8-21-13      Added Cresson Mainliner #48 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
8-10-13     Added Cresson Mainliner  #47 to "Newspaper Articles" page. 
7-27-13     Added postcard #14D to "Buildings 1" page.
7-16-13     Added Louella Moyer story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-14-13     Added photo of Richard Denzel Ackert to "Email 6" page. 
7-12-13     Added Diane Lochner's email to "Email 10" page.
7-10-13     Added Linda Garland email to "Email 10" page.
7-3-13       Added Peggy Hoover photo album to "Personal Stories" page.
7-2-13       Added John Lind obituary to "Email 9" page.
6-26-13     Added PAPBA Award to "Media Coverage" page.
6-8-13       Added "Saint Francis U Program" page. 
6-7-13       Added san aerial photo to "Chuck 2" page.
5-20-13     Added 2013 San Dinner Ticket Order page.
5-15-13     Added "TB Voices Project "  page.
5-14-13     Added  Vallie Mellinger Christmas Letter to her "Personal Stories" page.
4-5-13       Added Julie Pomykala email to "Email 9" page.
3-22-13     Added Ms Vallie Mellinger story to "Personal Stories" page.
3-6-13       Added Penn Stater Magazine #44 to "News Articles" page.
3-3-13       Added 2013 San Dinner/Program" page.
2-17-13     Added "The Plague & I" to "links" page. 

2-6-13       Added Loraine Michael story to "Personal Stories" page.
2-1-13       Added San Preservation Info 1981 - 2001 to "San Preservation" page.

1-27-13     Added Nancy Blackwell email & photos to "Email 9" page.
1-25-13    Added Cresson Mainliner Newspaper #43 to "News Article" page.
1-25-13    Added Johnstown Tribune Democrat Newspaper #42 to "News Article" page.
1-2-13      Added Photo #11 to "Coal Mine Connection" page.
1-2-13      Added Emmy write-up and Solomon photo to "Media Coverage" page.   _______________________________________________________________________________

2-17-09     Launched Cresson Website
4-30-09      Added "TB Humor" page
5-1-09        Added "History 2" page
6-2-09        Added "Archive 2" page
6-29-09      Added "Archive 3" page
6-29-09      Added "Archive 4" page
6-30-09      Added "Archive 1" page
7-31-09     Published site to ""
8-13-09     Added page "Medical Letters" page 
                  Added "Entertainment Hall" photo #34 to "Buildings 2" page
8-14-09      Added Nowicki Discharge Paper to "Nowicki 2" page
8-16-09     Added Exec. Order for transfer of Cresson to DOC on "History 1" page
                  Added "Update Log" page.
8-22-09      Added "Pa Archive 5" page
8-23-09      Added "Pa Archives 6" page.
8-24-09      Numbered all Pa Archive photos.
8-24-09      Added note on "Pa Archive 6" page.
8-25-09      Added email from Helen Liebal  on "Contact" page.
8-31-09      Added "PA Archives 7" page.
9-4-09        Added Flick Historical Marker on "History 1"   page.
                  Added Lisa Shoap email on "Contacts" page.
                  Added Ron WSAN photo on "Nowicki 2" page    
                  Added "Harvey 1" page     
9-7-09       Added emails for Connie Arcuri and Linda Ondriezek    
                 Added email address for Harvey Docchio
9-8-09       Added 2 photos to Connie Arcuri email on "Email 1" page.
                  Added Deb email to "Email 2" page.
9-9-09       Added "Harvey 2 " page.
9-12-09     Added Helen Keller photo to "History 3" page.
                  Added "Harvey 3" page
                  Added "Harvey 4" page.
9-14-09     Added "Union Cemetery" page
                  Added Ethel (Brooks) Sandstrom email to "Emails 2" page.
9-15-09     Added Alta Martinelli email to "Email 2" page.
9-17-09     Added Barbara Lloyd email to "Email 2" page.
9-18-09     Added Alta Martinelli email2 to "Email 2" page.
9-19-09     Added  "Grow 1" page.
9-24-09     Added "Kuhn" page.
                  Added "News Articles" page.
                  Added Weest/Slovik connection on "Pa Archive 2" page
9-26-09      Added "Hammon" page.
9-29-09      Added "Sherman" page.
10-11-09    Added Communion Certificate to "Harvey 2" page. 
10-13-09    Added "TB Photovoice" page.
10-15-09    Added "Time Line" page.
10-23-09    Added monument plaque inscription and links to "Union Cemetary" website.
10-25-09    Added 'Whatever care we needed, we got' to "News Articles" page.
10-27-09    Added links to 'Photovoice' and 'TB Survival Project' on "Links" page.
11-5-09      Added "Sweeney" page
11-10-09    Added "Chuck 4" page.
11-16-09    Added photos of travel sputum box to "Chuck 4" page.
11-19-09    Added links to Newspaper Websites.
11-20-09    Added "Chuck 5" page.
11-22-09    Added Douglas Aircraft Newsclipping to "Chuck 1" page.
11-25-09    Added obituary for Sir John Crofton on "History 1" page.
11-30-09    Added postcard 14B on "Buildings 1" page.
12-7-09     Added 'Web site renews sanitarium interest'  to "News Articles" page.
12-08-09   Added Ellen Cooper's email to "Emails 2" page.
12-18-09   Added Photo 6 and writeup to "Chuck 5" page.
01-14-10   Added  pneumothorax device photo on "Chuck 3" page.
                Added images of letters on "Medical Letters" page.
1-18-10   Added link to Santa Claus article on "Preventorium" page. 
1-22-10   Added "History 4" page.
               Added "1954 Yearly Report" data.
               Added "1956 Yearly Report" data.
1-23-10   Added "1955 Dec Monthly Report" data.
               Added "1957 Dec Monthly Report" data.
               Added "1960 June Monthly Report" data.
1-29-10   Added "Treatment" page.
               Added "Towanda native’s recollections of Sanatorium go viral" to "News
               Articles" page.     
1-31-10   Added "Chuck 6" page.
2-2-10     Added text to "Chuck 6" page.
2-3-10    Added link to Cresson High School Interviews website on "Favorite Links" page.
2-5-10    Added "Chuck 7" and "Chuck 8" pages.
2-8-10    Added additional link to TBSurvivalProject on "Favorite Links" page.
2-12-10  Added "Chuck 9" page.
2-13-10  Added "Chuck 10" page.
2-23-10  Revised website according to topics.
2-28-10  Added "Man puts memories of TB sanatorium online" to "News Article" page.
3-2-10    Added "Information sought on TB sanatorium to "News Article" page.
3-8-10    Added "Men Will Be Men" to "Chuck 5" page.
3-9-10    Added 3 photos to Ellen Copper email on "Email 2" page.
3-10-10  Added "Jeffrey Luther" to "Personal Stories" page.
3-11-10  Added "TB facility had Butler tie" to "News Article" page.
3-12-10  Added image of Hazleton Standard Speaker newspaper article.
3-13-10  Added Esther Palmer Lenker email to "Email 2" page.
3-14-10  Added 2 photos to "Harvey 2" page
3-15-10  Added contact info to "Home" page.
3-16-10  Added "Email 3" page.
3-16-10  Added Alicia email to "Email 3" page
3-16-10  Added "Cresson Sanatorium Design Plan" to "San History" page.
3-18-10  Added Lou Ann Micoli email to "Emails 3" page.
3-20-10  Added Thomas Domin to "Personal Stories" page.
3-21-10  Added Wilkes Barre Citizen's Voice article to "News Article" page.
3-21-10  Added Gym &Pool postcard to "Buildings 2" page.
2-23-10  Added Michael Maday's email to "Email 3" page.
3-24-10  Added 2 photos to "Thomas Domin" page.
             Added 9 photos to "Harvey 2" page.
3-25-10  Added Bob Shipe email & photos to "Email 3" page.
3-25-10  Added Esther Lenker {almer page to "Personal Stories" page.
3-26-10  Added photos to Esther Palmer Lenker page on "Personal Stories" oage.
3-27-10  Added Sandy Fick email to "Email 3" page.
3-26-10  Added Debby Abad email to "Email 3" page.
3-29-10  Added links to pages on "Personal Stories" page.
4--110    Added sex write-up to "Time On My Hands" page.
4-3-10    Added Breathe Easy Photo to "Home At Last" page.
4-11-10  Added Shirley Wahl email to "Emails 4" page.
4-15-10  Added Shamokin News Item to "News Article" page.
4-18-10  Added Altoona Mirror item to "News Article" page.
4-20-10   Added Henry Schirmacher email to "Email 4" page.
4-20-10   Added Joyce Veckov email to "Email 4" page.
4-20-10   Added Nadine Sufczynski email to "Email 4" page.
4-21-10   Added Water Tank write-up to "PA Archive 6" page.
4-24-10   Updated link to DOC Cresson Facility on "PA Archive 6" page.
4-24-10   Added link to Dr Flicks Papers on "History 1" page.
4-28-10   Added Souvenir Folder Photos to "San History" page.
4-30-10   Added photo of Cresson Mine to "Pa Archive 6" page.
5-1-10    Added Clair Pheasant email to "Email 4" page.
5-7-10    Added Kathy Mellott Golden Quill Award to "Newspaper 1" page.
5-14-10   Added Loretta Johnson Obusek page to "Personal Stories" page.
5-21-10   Added Doris Jean Newell page to "Personal Stories" page.
5-31-10   Added Cheryl Beckwith email to "Email 4" page.
5-31-10   Added Loretta Obusek email to "Email 5" page.
5-31-10   Added photos to Loretta Obusek "Personal Story" page.
6-2-10     Added JoAnn Mihailov Eck write-up to "Personal Stories" page.
6-3-10     Added 50 Anniversary Scrapbook to "San History" page.
6-12-10   Added photo of Mr Kokal & Sarah Soderholm to "50th Anniversary Scrap Book"
6-14-10   Added Pittsburgh Tribune Review article to "Newspaper Articles" page.
6-16-10   Added Pneumo Thorax photo to "Chuck 3" page.
6-22-10   Added Janet Burgess email to "Email 5" page.
6-27-10   Added Peggy Clapperton Shoff page to "Personal Stories" page.
6-28-10   Added Harrisburg Patriot News article #14 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-1-10    Added Anna Johnson Ritter story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-2-10    Added 3 photos to Janet Burgess email on "Emails 5" page.
7-5-10    Added Johnstown Tribune Democrat article #15 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-9-10    Added Katherine Naperkoski  story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-12-10   Added Allentown Morning Call article #16 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-19-10   Modified "Personal Stories" page format
7-19-10   Added "Email Summary" page
7-19-10   Added Will Burrow's email to "Email Summary" page.
7-20-10   Added Pittsburgh Post Gazette article #17 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-20-10   Added Oil City Derrick article #18 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-22-10   Added Wellsboro Gazette article #19 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7/22/10   Added Delores Kitchen story to "Personal Stories" page.
7/22/10   Added link to Doris Jean Newell memorial site. 
8-18-10   Added Julia Eltringham  email to "Email 5" page.
8-27-10   Added Reunion Announcement to "Home" page.
9-4-10     Added "2011 Reunion" page to navigator bar.
9-6-10     Added Harrisburg Patriot News article #20 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
9-9-10     Added William (Bill) David Durkee story to "Personal Stories" page.
9-11-10   Added Elwood "Skip" Shrauder story to "Personal Stories" page.
10-06-10  Added Charles Dick story to "Personal Stories" page.
10-6-10   Added Johnstown Tribune Democrat article #21 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
11-3-10   Added the Skyliner Newsletter to "San History" page.
11-11-10  Added Margaret Benson story to "Personal Stories" page.
11-22-10  Added Philadelphia Inquirer article #22 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
11-22-10  Added photo #36 to "Buildings 2" page.
11-25-10  Added Stephen Francis Dusza story to "Personal Stories" page. 
11-28-10  Added Charles Wright story to "Personal Stories" page.
11-29-10  Added additional bio info to Charles Dick page.
12-7-10    Added Sharon Graham story to "Personal Stories" page.
12-22-10  Added Esther Hanlon story to "Personal Stories" page.
12-31-10  Added map of American Legion to "2011 Reunion" page.
12-31-10  Added photo #7.5 to "PA Archive Six" page.
1-1-11     Added Cecil Suber's story to "Personal Stories" page.
1-20-11   Added Helen Jones story to "Personal Stories" page.
1-22-11   Added Catherine Gigliotti email to "Email 6" page.
1-22-11   Added Joseph Hajdu story to "Personal Stories" page.
1-30-11   Added Deszo paragraph and 2 photos to "Hajdu 1" page.
2-4-11    Added photos 11 & 12 to Helen Jones story.
2-18-11   Added Carol Lewis email to "Email 6" page.
2-20-11   Added Saundra Best email to "Email 6" page.
2-21-11   Added Lucy L. Knepp photos to "Personal Stories" page.
2-24-11   Added Jessie Rumberger's Letter and Story to "Personal Stories" page.
3-1-11    Added August 1956 Skyliner Newsletter to "San Hisory" page.
3-11-11   Added Schedule to "2011 Reunion" page.
3-13-11  Added email about Richard Denzel Ackert to "Email 6" page.
4-7-11    Added Herb Eby Chess Review letter to "Chuck 8" page. 
4-7-11    Added Memorabilia Placard Form to "2011 Reunion" page.
4-9-11    Added Chess Letter to bottom of "Nowicki 2" page.
4-18-11  Added Clair Pheasant's story and photos to "Personal Stories" page.
4-25-11  Added Joseph Marhefka's story and photos to "Personal Stories" page.
4-26-11   Added Beaver County Times article #23 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
4-27-11   Added information about Rededication Ceremony to "Union Cemetery" page.
5-22-11   Added "Sanatorium Models at the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco" page.
5-311     Added Ticket Order Form link to "2011 Reunion" page.
6-511     Added  Joseph Marhefka's diary to "Personal Stories".
6-8-11    Added Kirkman & Kulp email & photos to "Personal Stories" page.
6-21-11   Added Harrisburg Patriot News article #24 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
6-23-11   Added Cresson Childrens Poem to "Preventorium" page.
6-24-11   Added Spunk article to "Preventorium" page.
6-27-11   Added items 11 thru 18 to "San History" page. 
6-29-11   Added Cresson Mainliner News article #25 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
7-1-11     Added daily ward schedule to "Chuck 5" page.
7-14-11   Added Jeanne Vicini email to "Email 6" page.
7-14-11   Added Pat Lynch email to "Email 7" page.
7-15-11   Added Betty (Taylor) Sandberg story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-18-11   Added wallet photos to "Joseph Hajdu" page.
7-07-22   Added Jack Hall story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-28-11   Added Joseph & Louise Fritsche story to "Personal Stories" page.
8-19-11   Added photos #37 and #38 to Page 2 of "Postcards of Cresson San".
8-27-11   Added Lucy photo to "Lucy L. Knepp" page.
8-27-11   Added articles #26 thru 31 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
9-10-11   Added 1958 Fairlane photo and Acciavatti reference to "Pa Archive 5" page.
9-10-11   Added Robert Benjamin email & photo to "Email 7" page.
9-10-11   Added Mary Liebal story to "Personal Stories" page.
9-11-11   Added Gloria Paris book to "Links" page..
10-17-11  Added announcement of WQED TV program
10-23-11  Added  Katherine (Decker) Kovacs story to "Personal Stories" page.
11-21-11 Added Photos 4 & 5 to Elwood (Skip) Shrader "Personal Stories" page.
11-28-11  Added Photo #7 to  Katherine (Decker) Kovacs (Personal Stories" page.
12-06-11  Added John Juth story to "Personal Story" page.
12-08-11  Added Miss Jennie Graham's story to the "Personal Stories" page.
12-27-11  Added photo #14C to "Buildings 1" page.
1-13-12    Added san video order info on the "Home" page,
2-13-12   Added Turnbull and Funk References to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
2-16-12   Added photos 21.5 and 22.5 on the "Buildings 2" page.
2-25-12   Added "2011 Reunion Review" pages.
2-29-12   Added Hospital Nearly Ready & Glover items to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
2-29-12   Added WQED san video to "Links" page.
3-4-12     Added Library Work for Blind to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
3-4-12     Added Richard E. Acciavatti item to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
3-5-12     Added photos 4 & 5 to Loretta Obusek "Personal Stories" page.
3-5-12     Added Jones Cottage Donated to "San History" page.
3-6-12    Added Jacobsburg Society Accepts Bequest to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
3-8-12   Added Principles of Social Work to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
3-8-12    Added 8th Annual Report to "Miscellaneous San Items" page.
4-6-12    Added Helen Keller speech on "History 4" page.
Added Current Magazine article #32 to "Newspaper Articles" page.
4-19-12  Added 'A Colorful History Of TB' and 'Bed Rest No Cure' to "Miscellaneous San
              Items" page. 
4-22-12   Added Monarch Life Insurance letter to "Chuck 11 Medical Letters" page.
5-3-12     Added "Tuberculosis Hospital and Sanatorium Construction" book to "Links"
5-3-12    Added item to History19 "Jones Cottage Donated".
5-13-12  Added "Medical Records" page to the top menu.
5-14-12  Added Cresson Record Items to "San History" page.
5-27-12  Added postcards #23.5 & 24.5 to "Buildings 2" page..
6-11-12  Added Hockenberry email to "Emails 7" page.
6-16-12  Added Marie Carroll Knisley email and photo to "Email 8" page.
6-25-12  Added Gaye Parsons Daman info to "Personal Stories" page.
6-30-12  Added Barbara Hastings email to "Email 8" page.
7-2-12   Added photos 17.5 and 20.5 to "Buildings 2" page.
7-2-12   Deleted photos 36, 37 & 38 from "Buildings 2" page. 
7-3-12   Added
21 Tuberacle Bacillus Infection. by Dr. Turnbull to "San History" page.
7-3-12   Added  22 A Survey of the Fiscal Policies to "San History" page.
7-5-12   Added  23.
Pennsylvania A Pioneer to "San History" page.
7-5-12   Added Judith Gnibus email to "Email 8" page. 
7-16-12  Added Dr. Louis Wesner's story to "Personal Stories" page.
7-16-12  Added Helen Novak story to "Personal Stories" page.
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