Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
On this page I'll list  links to other web sites that have information pertaining to the Cresson sanatorium and TB in general.  

CRESSON SAN INFO  A moving picture film taken at Cresson Sanatorium in 1938-1941 showing patients, staff and buildings.  The video is posted on YouTube.     Some Info & photos of Cresson sanatorium    Cambria County, Pa Genealogy web site with loads of info including some san photos.  (Do search on 'sanatorium')   Asylum Projects

This website contains brief excerpts from live interviews conducted with local residents of the Cresson area who have a past association with the Laurence F. Flick State Hospital (formerly Cresson TB Sanatorium), either as patients or staff.  The interviews were conducted by Mr. Tomaselli's Pennsylvania History class in the Fall of 2009.
Pittsburgh PBS Station WQED video about the Cresson TB Sanatorium entitled:  Cresson: Remembering Life at "The San".

OTHER SANATORIUM SITES   History of Seattle’s Fight Against TB (Do search on "Firland" for several articles about Firland Sanatorium  and patient writeups)   Waverly Hills Sanatorium Treatments For TB Patients   The Waverly Hills Sanatorium      The Weimar Joint Sanatorium and the Weimar Cemetery    Canada’s Role In Fighting Tuberculosis 


American Public Health Association 1930  article “What Is A Preventorium” is at    Sun Worshipping In Pennsylvania Kids

 For many photos of children at a preventorium, go to  An excellant book on this subject is entitled "Saving Sickly Children: The Tuberculosis Preventorium in American Life, 1909-1970"   by Cynthia A. Connolly   182 Pages    Published 2008



The TB PhotoVoice Project provides cameras to tuberculosis (TB) affected community members (survivors, caregivers, friends, family) who take photographs that help them identify and improve their communities. The photographs represent what is happening in the participants’ lives and serve as a point for discussion about what can be done to change the present situation in regards to TB, stigma, education and related issues. These photographs and their accompanying narratives give a face and voice to TB.

The Truth About Radiation Dangers (Breast Cancer Dangers Due To Fluoroscopy Radiation  While Taking Pneumothorax     A book published in 1911 entitled "Tubersulosis Hospital and Sanatorium Design" by Thomas Spees Carrington, M.D.  It contains many photos of existing TB sans and patient cottages. 

 (  The American Lung Association is doing a great job fighting for clean lungs and clean air.
 (  The Quit Smoking Community has lots of info on smoking and its effects.
(  Information and tips on how to get started, make a plan and stay tobacco-free.


"A Child of Sanitariums" by Gloria Paris.  In the 1930's at age 5, Gloria was diagnosed with skeletal TB and went through treatment and surgeries until she was discharged at age 14. 

"The Plague and I"  by Betty MacDonald.  Betty contracted TB and spent 9 months at Firland Sanatorium, outside Seattle, recovering. This book is a record of that experience. The tone is light-hearted and humorous and is an easy read.  Click the following link for a more in-depth synopsis: