Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
Sharon Graham (Moore)

I received the following story and photos from Sharon Graham.  She can be reached at her daughter's email


April 26, 2010

Hello Chuck,

My name is Sharon Graham (Moore).  I read your letter in the Altoona Mirror, Altoona, PA, April 18, 2010, about the Lawrence Flick Hospital in Cresson.  Your article was very interesting and prompted me to tell you about my experiences during my stay at Lawrence Flick.

I had also spent approximately 13 months at Flick from 1956 to 1957.    They operated on me and removed my upper lobe (left lung).  Drs. John Jones and Albert DeMatteis were my physicians who operated and whom are now both deceased.

I was getting ready to go to Kansas City, Missouri for flight school training in January, 1957, but it was discovered that I had advanced tuberculosis during my employment at Sylvania in May, 1956.  I took three years of home-study courses that the flight school wanted me to study, and they wanted me to contact them when I was well to come for on-flight training at the school.  Instead I married my grade school sweetheart, David R. Graham, and was a stay-at-home-mother or homemaker.

 I met my husband at the Lakemont Roller Rink when I was 12 years old.  After our three children, David, age 50, Cindy, age 49 and Sherrill age 45 left the nest, we participated in roller skating lessons and went on into competition after learning several different dances and won many championship titles and awards.  We were also very actively involved in the Jaffa Shrine functions and had traveled a lot.   We also had a 4th child in 1983, Jason, age 27 (in September), who was born Down Syndrome.  I guess God had it all planned for me to have another child to help me and be a companion to me after my husband’s death in June, 1996.  I had 38 wonderful years with my husband.

We met a lot of wonderful people during our years in the roller skating world, and as I met a lot of wonderful people at the Cresson Hospital.  There are some more than others I remember fondly and wonder where they are today.   Some were cured from TB and some didn’t’ make it.   I also enjoyed drawing and painting pictures on the windows of the deer that we would periodically see outdoors while in quarantine, and everyone seemed to enjoy my art work.   I was very fortunate to have been one who had made it through and am blessed with good health today, with four wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren.

I would be interested in a reunion in 2013.   I am in the process of moving to the State College area and, hopefully, that will be happening within the next 6 months.   You can contact me also through my daughter Cindy at or at .

I look forward to meeting you and everyone who will come together to share our stories during a poignant, but memorable, time of our lives.

Thank you.

Sharon R. Graham (Moore)

1.  Sharon holding one of many dolls made by both women and men patients at the san.
3.  A group photo of patients who had surgery.  Sharon is in the center of the second row in this 1957 picture. 
5.  L to R:  Pat, Doris & Sharon.  The perforated wall in back of Sharon shows it was taken in the locker room.
7.  Sharon and Dave in 1957 when she was home for Thanksgiving after being cured of TB.
9.  Dave and Sharon.
11.  Sharon and Dave on their Wedding Day.
2.  Window artwork at Christmas.  Santa didn't forget about the patients in the san.
4.  Dr. John Jones was one of the doctors who operated on Sharon to remove the upper lobe of her left lung.
6.  Sharon and her husband Dave sitting on the East Wing second floor sun porch. 
8.  Sharon and Dave in 1990 in their roller skating competition costumes.  They won many championship titles and awards.
10.  The skating group that Dave and Sharon belonged to in 1990.  Sharon is standing in the center of the photo wearing a white top and black skirt.

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