Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
Kirkman & Kulp

I received the following email and photos from Sharon Kirkman and Amy Kulp.  I feel that all who have contributed to this website should feel honored to have our material featured in a "World TB Day' display.

Sharon can be reached at 


Subject: Thank you so much!

Date: Jun 7, 2011 4:15 PM


Hi, I would like to introduce ourselves to you.  I am Sharon Kirkman (the tall one in the pictures) and Amy Kulp.  We both work in the Tuberculosis Control Program at Skagit County Public Health Department in Mount Vernon, Washington (located about 60 miles North of Seattle, Washington).


Each year we do a different theme for our World TB Day display (March 24 is always World TB Day).  We were so impressed with your story and your website that this year we decided this would be our display for 2011.  We displayed it for a little over one month starting on March 24.  The comments from individuals were just as we thought they would be – “What a wonderful, interesting story and history of a TB Sanitarium.”  I have been working in the Skagit County TB Program since 1981 (30 years) and without someone like you recalling and documenting life, as it was in the TB Sanitariums, this part of history will eventually be lost to all.  As it is with our local TB sanitarium – all we have is just a picture on our wall in our office as it is no more (dismantled in 1966) and all the TB residents have since passed on so no history, no anything and oh how sad. 


We do want to thank you so much for creating your website and sharing your wonderful story with everyone.  Keep up the good work, it is so appreciated by more than just the people who were there at Cresson Sanitarium.  

1.  Amy and Sharon in front of their World TB Day display.
3.  The left panel has a write-up and photos of the preventorium.
2.  The full display.
4. The right panel features photos from the Occupational Therapy Department.