Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
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Subject: Cresson
Date: Jul 9, 2011
I reviewed your website on Cresson and it brought back many memories.  I was a Penn State student when I came down with TB and was at Cresson from March 1960 'til March 1961.  If my memory hasn't failed me, I was in the main ward, second floor with a roommate named Bud Sylar.  There was a man named Howard who had polio not TB in the next room.  Dr Ma treated me.  The day head nurse was a Miss Mentzer.  I remember Skip Schrader the mailman and Dick Spriggs the barber.  Ironically, Dr Lawrance Flick was my father's doctor when he had TB in 1921.

I went back to Penn State, got a degree and am retired.  I have a cabin in Michaux Forest north of Gettysburg, Pa. near my favorite trout streams.I'll continue to check your web for updates.  Thanks for all your work and remembering the fellow patients an Cresson.
Pat Lynch

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Subject: Cresson TB Sanatorium

I am very glad I found your website, as I have had small memories for all of my life about my Grandmother being sent to the Cresson TB Sanatorium, and I have often wondered about this place, what it was like for folks there, and what went on, etc., Your website has answered many questions I have had for many years.

 Around 1962 or early 1963 my Grandmother Thressa Benjamin was sent there for 6 weeks.  She was later found to not have TB.  She told family members it was actually like a vacation for her.  She was the wife of a farmer and they all worked very hard on the farm  and she found the whole experience like 6 weeks of leisure. She was treated with the utmost care and professionalism while there. One of my cousins remembers going there to bring her home, and she recalls falling down the concrete stairs that were outside, while carrying my Grandmothers flowers. 

Robert BenjaminTowanda, PA

Above are Robert's Grandmother Thressa Benjamin and his dad Garfield Benjamin taken in the early 1970's.   They both passed away several years back.

Subject: Cresson

Attached is a picture of my father (in the middle) with another patient and a staff member.  This was probably taken between 1949 and 1952.  His name was Kenneth Hockenberry.  He died at the Bedford Memorial Hospital  in June 1953.  I was only 5 years old when he died, so I do not remember him.

It was interesting seeing the PBS video and reading people's stories. 

Thank you,
Pat Hockenberry

Kenneth Hockenberry in the middle with the Surgery Building in the background.