Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

History 20. Cresson Record Items

The following material was sent to me by Mike McGuire of Cresson in May 2012.  In the 1980's, Mike had access for one week to editions of the Cresson Record newspaper, which was established in 1895 by Joseph E. Farabaugh.  In "History of Cambria County, Vol 1" published in 1907 it says that the Cresson Record was independent of politics, had four pages each 17x24 inches in size and was published on Friday.  

Mike copied articles of interest to him which included Cresson San items as he was employed at the Cresson/Ebensburg Center at the time and found the news items fascinating. For instance, did you know that in 1916 a copper box time capsule was installed in the cornerstone of Grace Chapel during construction? Go to Page 52 to read the article and see a list of items included in the copper box.

Some of the
san articles are only a few paragraphs in length.  But I decided to publish the entire page as I felt that many of the news items unrelated to the san might provide an interesting glance back into history for Cresson area residents. 

The material is comprised of 80 images from the Cresson Record newspaper.  The articles are arranged in chronological order and span the years from 1910 to 1923, with several from 1941 at the end.  Therefore, they add much to the historical record of the early days of the san.

The 80 images are displayed in groups of 10 images on 8 pages, shown below.  The individual images are numbered 1 through 80 for easy reference.  In some cases, a san article is continued to one or more pages. In that case, a note in the page number will state (Article is continued on Page x).  Each group of 10 images is approximately 10MB in size, so it may take 1 to 2 minutes for all to display.