Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
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The following article, written by David Hurst, was published in the Johnstown Tribune Democrat on Sunday September 23, 2012. Click the following link to go to the newspaper website:


                                                        ‘San’ film earns Emmy                                                  
                                              David Hurst 

A documentary retelling stories of life at the former Cresson “San” has won an Emmy.

WQED Pittsburgh picked up the award for “Cresson – Remembering Life at the San” under the historical/cultural programs for the Mid-Atlantic Region category Saturday night.

“To me, this is a win for a lot of people, including those who shared their stories,” said David Solomon, the documentary’s producer and writer. “As soon as I heard about the San ... I wanted to know more. It was an eye-opener, and I think the Emmy judges felt the same way.”

Solomon’s story, which aired in 2011, offered a rare peek into what remains of the one-time tuberculosis sanatorium and stories from those who worked or lived there generations ago.

The San was once one of four state-operated “TB” sanitoriums, where patients often spent years undergoing treatment.

“It was an era people didn’t talk about much, partly because of the stigma about tuberculosis,” said Solomon. “And it almost became forgotten because these places don’t exist anymore.”

One-time San resident Chuck Felton thought the same way three years ago when he created a website recalling those days.

The tuberculosis survivor quickly realized there were many more people across the country eager to share their stories from the Cresson institution.

“It’s been quite a ride,” said Felton, who first pitched the idea of a documentary to WQED two years ago.

He credited Solomon for capturing a “compelling story involving people in a life or death struggle.”

“To go from where we started to the recognition David and his crew received this weekend,” Felton added, “it’s amazing. I think everyone involved should be proud.”

Felton said Solomon called him moments after accepting the award Saturday night. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Mid-Atlantic Chapter, which recognizes broadcast excellence in a five state-region that includes Pennsylvania, announced the award before the prime-time Emmy’s aired Sunday.

Solomon said WQED captured six Emmy Awards this weekend.