Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
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 From: Julie Pomykala
Sent: Apr 3, 2013 
Subject: Cresson

Hi Charles, 

My name is Julie.  My grandfather spent a total of 4 years at Cresson.  My father has told us many stories of grandfather's battle with TB.  My grandfather was first sent there when my dad was about 10 and spent about a year in the hospital.  He then had to go back and spent another 2 1/2 yrs when my dad was in 10th grade.  He told me how my pap used to make dolls and sell them for $1 and he still has one of the wallets.  Like so many others, it was very hard on my dad's family with their father being away a total of about 4 years. 

He saw the program on tv about the hospital and purchased the DVD.  I would like to see if there is anyone out there who may remember my grandfather.  His name was John Boor.  He lived in Glassport, PA with his wife Ann and sons Robert and John.  He was in Cresson in 1952/1953 and then again approx 1957-1960.
I'm not sure how to find someone that may have known him but I'm hoping your website will help.  I know my father would love to speak to someone who can tell him about his dad's time at Cresson.
Thank you Charles.  It is a wonderful thing you have done bringing these people back together.

Subject: Cresson
Date: Jul 1, 2013

My grandmother's brother died while a TB patient of Cresson Sanatorium.  I found his obituary in the Warren Evening Times, Friday May 17, 1918 page 10.

"John Lind age 33 Cresson Sanitarium.  Son of late John Lind.  Body arrived by PRR train Thursday morning and removed to home of his brother Charles Lind of Oil City, Pennsylvania.  Services by Rev. Ebert.  John Lind was a member of Good Hope Lutheran Church.  He is survived by his brother's Charles of Oil City, Harrison of Rockland, sister's Lulu Lind of Warren, and Mrs. Ernest Foley of Greenville.  He is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania."

Thank you,
Sent: Jan 22, 2013 1:33 PM
Subject: Mother

Hello Mr. Felton, my name is Nancy Jane McCrerey Blackwell.  My Mother was a patient in Cresson Sanitarium from approx.1948 until her death in 1951.  We lived in Claysville Pennsylvania. Her name was Nancy Elizabeth Wheat McCrerey. She was 32 years old at her death.  My dad came to visit her and sometimes brought my sister and me with him.  We were only allowed to see her when she came out onto a porch or balcony of some kind.  She would wave and toss us kisses to us.  We were very young. I was about five years old and my sister was four.   She did come home one time for a day but we weren't allowed to hug her.  We couldn't understand why.

I remember my sister and I had to go to a clinic or hospital fairly often for shots of some kind for a what seemed to us a long time after she went into the hospital.  She died in 1951 and my dad remarried about 18 months later, he had two little girls who needed a mother.  I barely remember my mother and of course my sister doesn't remember her at all.   My dad passed away last month at the age of 93.  I hope you can include her in your  information about Cresson. My address is  Thanks  for your efforts in keeping the memory of Cresson alive. 
1.   Nancy and her husband on their honeymoon at Lake Conneaut.


2.  Nancy at Cresson San probably taken on one of the sun porches of the women’s East Wing building.

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