Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
Mildred Zoldak Shermenti
From: cutter9
Sent: Jul 19, 2013
Subject: cresson sanatorium

Good Morning Charles,

y name is Bernice Bavone from Homer City, Pa.  My mother Mildred Zoldak Shermenti was there at the hospital in 1940, but I don't know for how long.  But she did come home to Saltsburg, Pa. to have her 2nd daughter which was my sister Oct. 15, 1940.  She died 6 months later at age 23.  I understand she was very sick and they never thought the baby would live but she did.  

The reason I am writing to you is that I have 2 pictures with about 6 women one with their names on back of the picture.  I would like to send them to you with a copy of the 1940 census with 102 names of patients there at that time.  Got this from the Indiana Historical Society in Indiana, Pa.  Good information to have on file to pass it on to others doing research on family members.  Hope to hear from you.
Bernice Bavone

Click here to see Mildred's listing in the 1940 san census, then go to Page 21 Row 30.

1.  Mildred is second from the left in the dark dress.  The women are standing in front of a large round swimming pool.  The san did have a swimming pool for the children, but it was rectangular and converted into the Surgery Building in the late 1930's.  So this photo was not taken at the san.

2.  Mildred in her bathrobe at the san. 

4.  Millie, front middle, with a group of women
 at the san.

3.  This photo of Mildred was probably taken on the Women's West Wing outdoor sun porch.

5.  The names of the women in Photo 4 were written on the back.