Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

Dolores (Dee) Lillian Edelman

From:  Barbara Arellano
Subject:  Cresson Sanatarium

Hi, my name is Barbara.  I was born and raised in PA but now live in Oregon.  My mother Dolores (Dee) Lillian Edelman was a patient at Cresson in the mid 50's till approx. 1958. 
I know she was there for quite some time.   

My mom was fortunate to have only one lobe of her lung surgically removed and then was released from Cresson.  I would love to hear from anyone who might have known her, as she never spoke much about it.  Any information on people, photos , websites will be greatly appreciated!

TB was so rampant.  I lost an aunt and an uncle and 2 grandfathers to it.  You were very young to be there as well. 

Here are some pics of my mom and several of my dad with her at Cresson in 1958 it says on the back.   My dad was Jack Edelman who just passed this last April.

Thank you,
1.  Jack and Dolores in the Women's Ward in 1958.

3.  Dee in her bed in the ward. 
2.  It looks like this was their Christmas celebration with the tree and presents behind them.

4.  Dee in her street clothes after she made meals.  The building in back of her is the Amusement Hall where patients enjoyed movies and live stage entertainment.