Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
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Sent: Feb 13, 2015 8:10 PM
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Subject: Cresson Sanitorium

Mr. Felton,
I recently stumbled upon your site for the Cresson San, and I think it is so cool how you have put together some history.  I grew up in Cresson and I actually lived there when the grounds were home of SCI Cresson.  My father, who I believe you met, Ken Cameron, was the superintendent at SCI Cresson when you had the San Reunion.  I love history especially in my hometown area.  I would love to learn some more!

Thank you for creating this website.  It has shed some light on what my hometown once was!

Beck Cameron

From: Brian Madison
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Subject: Cresson SAN Thank You!!!

Just want to thank you for all that you have done to help people remember, or just learn about the Cresson SAN. I am a teacher in the Forest Hills School District in central Cambria County and have enlightened my students through your thoughtfulness. The story that WQED did about you was very well done and I use it to teach my students about how biology and medical terminology tie in to our local history.

I have some memories about the SAN due to several things. A friend that I fly fish with, who was from South Fork, PA, but now resides in Yuba City California had a sister at the SAN. My uncle worked at the SAN when it was a State School. When the State School closed, I remember as a young man, walking through some of the halls of the facility to help move my uncles things from his office. I even hunted spring turkey on the back hillside toward Cresson, such a beautiful place in those woods. At the time, back in 1984, I didn't have the slightest idea what the SAN even was. I only knew it had something to do with TB. Now, because of you, I, along with countless others have a link to our past. You have done something truly amazing for us all.

Lastly, Etta Albright is the wife of Pat, whom I came to know as I started my career as a Biology Teacher up at Penn Cambria High School in Cresson. My wife now works in Pat's old room. Small World.

Brian Madison
Summerhill, Cambria County, PA

From: Jessy Schneider    <>

Subject: Cresson TB Sanatorium picture

Date: Jul 19, 2015

Mr. Felton,


I came across the attached postcard of my grandfather, Thomas Edgar Myers, from his stay in Cresson TB Sanatorium. I’m not sure how long he was admitted but I believe his stay was fairly short as they eventually found he was misdiagnosed and sent him home. Also attached is the note he wrote to his family on the reverse of the postcard. Transcription is below.


I thought you might like to add this to your exceptional archive. Thank you for doing such great work keeping this significant landmark remembered.


Jessica Schneider


1. Thomas Edgar Myers,far left. in the Men's Tent Camp.



2. Postcard Message


 Cresson. PA  Nov 3, 1916

Dear Mother and all

What do you think of this for a bunch of hobos looks pretty nice but it is pretty tiresome.  Am not feeling very good tonight, I don't know why.  I think I caught some cold today.  The Doctor examined me yesterday.  He told me that he could see a big improvement.  I hope he could I don't know.   How is everybody at home, hope all are well.

Love to all from Edgar

John Choros, Jr. in the 1950's.

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Subject: Cresson Sanitorium

Hello Mr. Felton,


My name is Marianne Salamon Dove and I writing to you about the Cresson Sanitorium.  I am not a survivor but my Uncle John was.  He was at the Cresson Sanitorium in the year 1934 approximately.  My mother was about 6 years old at the time and she does remember his going there.  Since she was born in 1928 this would make it around 1934 or 1935.


Is there any way I can find out information about his time there?  People who might have remembered him?  Unfortunately he died in 1969 so I have no information but what I have given you.


His name was John Choros, Jr. and he was about 22 years old at the time.


Thank you,




From: Gary E Goody <>

Subject: Cresson San

Date: Jul 4, 2016

Thank you so very much for this website. I do genealogy and have found some news about my great-grandfather John Gutekunst who according to his obituary died at the SAN 0n 3 December 1914.  Is there any way I can find any info about him while there?


Gary Goody

                                                               The two items below appeared in the
                                                         Pittsburgh Post Gazette on December 4, 1914.