Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered
Pa Archives 7
Below are a few miscellaneous photos sent by the Pa State Archives.
1.  Administration Building entrance before renovation in 1963, looking quite elegant.  I don't ever remember seeing the "CS" (for Cresson Sanatorium) on the handrails.
3.  The entrance to the san taken in 1961.
5.  Not much is known about these photos except that there was a Slogan Contest in 1963 and the winner is being handed a check.   That's Dr. Harry W. Weest on the right in both photos.  The winner and the woman are unidentified.
2.  The renovated entrance, having an enclosed porch area.   It certainly gave more protection from the weather, but I think it detracted from the overall looks of the entrance.
4.  This may be inside the san looking back at the entrance.
6.  I believe the winner may be the same orderly shown in the photo below taken in 1958. 
7.  Nurses and an orderly getting meal trays ready.