Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

25. Articles

These pages present items from newspapers, the vast majority in Pennsylvania, which are no longer in business.  The almost 800 clippings are presented in 14 pages, with the dates covered defined in the links below.  The topics covered range from those of historical interest about the building and operation of the san, to patient and staff obituaries and to more general items of interest.                            
Each clipping is identified in the following form:   XXYYZZ  Paper   Subject      where XX is year in the 1900's ,  YY is the month ,  ZZ is the day. 
As an example, the identifier  100302HarrTelAskForBids   means it was published in 1910 March 2 in the Harrisburg Telegraph newspaper and the subject was "Asking For Bids".
The majority of the articles fall under the following newspaper codes:
Newspaper Codes 
AltTrib               Altoona Tribune 
HarrTel              Harrisburg Telegraph 
HarrDail            Harrisburg  Daily Herald 
EvenNews        Evening News 
PittPress          Pittsburg Press 
AltMirr              Altoona Mirror 
PittGaz             Pittsburg Gazette 
WarrTim           Warren Times Mirror
PittPost            Pittsburg Post
NewCas            New Castle

Page 1 (Feb 1910 to Nov 1917)

Page 2 (Dec 1917 to Dec 1921)

Page 3 (Dec 1921 to April 1925)

Page 4 (April 1925 to March 1927)

Page 5 (March 1927 to April 1930))

Page 6 (March 1930 to Feb 1932)

Page 7 (Feb 1932 to May 1936)

Page 8 (May 1936 to July 1940

Page 9 (July 1940 to July 1946)

Page 10 (July 1946 to Aug 1949)

Page 11 (Aug 1949 to Nov 1951)

Page 12 (Nov 1951 to Aug 1953)

Page 13 (Aug 1953 to June 1955)

Page 14 (June 1955 to March 1986)

Newspaper Codes 
IndGaz                 Indiana Gazette 
BedGaz                Bedford Gazette 
TitusHerald         Titusville Herald 
PittCour               Pittsburg Courier 
DailRep                Monongahela Daily Repub. 
OilCity                  Oil City Derrick 
Prog                     Indiana Progress 
KanRep                Kane Republican 
ShamNews          Shamokin News