Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

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On   February 17, 2016 I received the following email from Karen Caseman:  


Dear Mr. Felton,

I was looking into Cresson and came across your articles and information. My Mom, Emma Caseman was a patient in Cresson around 1942. She was there for three years. She died at age 50 and I was 12 at the time.  I have been wanting to know more about her life there.  Is there a historical society or museum I can visit?  She didn't talk about it, but I remember her scar down her back and how she wanted it rubbed with lotion. I was so afraid of it.  If you can pass along any contact information, I would appreciate it.


Karen Caseman   (




Emma Parzaile was born January 25, 1920.  In 1943 she married Robert Caseman who was in the service during WW2 at that time.  Several years later Emma developed a bad cough which sometimes kept her siblings up at night.  She was soon diagnosed with TB and sent to Cresson San where she would spend almost three years before being cured.  As part of her treatment, she had surgery at a hospital in Philadelphia to remove one of her lungs.  Upon her discharge she lived with her in-laws to rest. 
The doctors at the San told Emma it would be better for her not to have any children, but if she did, not to have more than one.  But Emma had always wanted a family and had four children, three girls and a boy, all while she was in her 30s.  Her daughter Karen remembers that Emma had a lot of fancy robes and bed jackets she brought home with her from the San which were stored in a cedar chest.  She was an amazing cook, had a huge garden and was a hard worker. 
When she was in her late 40's she had pneumonia two winters in a row. Spent her last year in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. Emma died in 1971 leaving behind her husband, four children and ten brothers and sisters. 



Emma's photos are presented in the next 4 pages. 





1.  Wedding photo of Robert and Emma Caseman, 1943.
2.  Obituary of Emma Caseman which appeared in the Courier-Express Newspaper in Dubois, Pa. on March 26, 1971.