Cresson TB Sanatorium Remembered

History 3 50th Anniversary Scrap Book

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the San in 1963, a scrapbook was donated to the Cresson Area Historical Association, Inc. by Lorraine Ott, a former employee of the San and Cresson State School & Hospital.  The 6-ring scrapbook contained 88 large format pages (16" by 21") containing newspaper articles and clippings pertaining to the San.   The book covers, shown below in Photos 1 & 2, were made of leather which had been hand tooled.  Photo 3 shows the donation page inside the front cover.
The book is almost 50 years old now and some of the newspapers clippings show marked deterioration.  In addition, some of the newsprint is small and/or faded.   Therefore, the process to transfer the data to this website was to first photograph each page with a digital camera at 5MB resolution.  The images were then processed to yield approximately 0.5MB images for this website.  These images may be enlarged to make all the print readable.  Because of the large file size per page, the 88 pages have been broken up into groups of 10 to reduce loading time. 
Hand written notes on page 87 give the origins of the scrapbook.  The leather cover was made by Mr. Joseph Kokal, a former TB patient who worked in the Occupational Therapy Department.  Mrs. Sarah B. Soderholm pasted the articles in the scrapbook.  They are the two people on the left in the photo which is taken from Page 52 of the scrapbook.
I wish to thank Etta Albright of Cresson, Pa and the Cresson Area Historical Association (CAHA) for letting me borrow this one-of-a-kind commemorative book to photograph it and make the images available to the public through this website.  The book contains a wealth of information pertaining to the history of the san and the staff and patients. 
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